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Live Roulette Games Online

Live Casino - ライブカジノ:

Live Roulette Games Online
Introduction to live online roulette
When you play roulette online at a live casino, you are playing the same type of wheel that you would find in any major casino around the world. The wheels that are used in the games below are from well known gaming equipment manufacturers like TCSJOHNHUXLEY and Cammegh. These are same manufacturers that supply wheels to the biggest casinos in world. Casinos in Macau, Las Vegas, Singapore and Australia.

Professional, trained croupiers launch the ball just as they would in any major casino. Usually after the ball is launched, the video will zoom in on the spin so that you can clearly see which pocket the ball comes to rest in. Of course your win or loss is automatically recorded by the computer software as well, so if you like you can concentrate more on chatting to the friendly dealer!

The live roulette games listed below are all played using single zero wheels and tables either European or French roulette with substantially better return to player rates than double zero American Roulette games- 现场轮盘 , 真人娱乐场 .

Despite different appearances, the bet types and payouts are the same across all games. Standard table bets and payouts include:
*Straight up bet: 35 to 1
*Split bet: 17 to 1
*Street bet: 11 to 1
*Corner bet: 8 to 1
*Four bet: 8 to 1
*Line bet: 5 to 1
*Dozen bet: 2 to 1
*Column bet: 2 to 1
*Dozen bet: 2 to 1
*Red/Black bet: 1 to 1
*Even/Odd bet: 1 to 1
*Low/High bet: 1 to 1

You just place your virtual chips on the table, like you would if you were sitting at a a normal roulette table. If Neighbours bets are your thing, most of the games feature pop-ups that make it convenient to place these and other special combination bets.

In all cases, balls are manually launched by the live dealers.

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